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Here are the posts for April 2012
The Barnados Big Toddle
Date Published: Thu 12th Apr 2012

Tunbridge Wells resident and Little Dish employee Amy Harker is organising a Barnado's Big Toddle in Grosvenor and Hilbert Park.

For more details get out the event details here.

Easter Egg Rolling
Date Published: Sun 8th Apr 2012

Cor Blimey!

Where did everyone come from. A fantastic turnout as committee member Carolyn Gray reports;

This was a grey Easter Sunday, but fortunately it stayed dry during the time we held the Friends of the Park first Easter Egg Competition.

Committee member David Hollins prepared an area near Hilbert Road gates and the Oast House for the Grand Prix of egg-events.

The table was full of entries for the best decorated egg, and still families were turning up with more - a wheelbarrow extension table was opened! Judging commenced, while those who had brought along a couple of eggs began the furthest-rolled-egg competition, down the slope towards the football pitch.

Cheers went up as eggs went rolling. Like some classic cartoon we started to realise toddlers were sneeking back for a second, third, fourth go, and finally the last contestant was allowed to roll, and the winner pronounced.

Winners received large chocolate eggs, and there were mini eggs for everyone. The score-board numbered 55 entrants, so we were incredibly pleased with the turnout, and the high standard of decorated eggs.

Thank you to everyone who came, the standard has been set for next Easter...


Pictures by Dave Barnett, John Bushall & Carolyn Gray

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