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Here are the posts for February 2012
The Frog Chorus or The Amphibian Explosion
Author: J Paul Lambert, Date Published: Sun 26th Feb 2012

Over the past few days an explosion of amphibians & their spawn have been seen in the scrapes (wetlands, the hollow or whatever you call it) of Grosvenor Park.

This spectacle will only be seen for a few days each year before these small creatures will head back into the safety of the surrounding park and woodland. So get down quickly to see one of nature’s great acts of optimism.

Later in the year we will see the tadpoles turn into small frogs before they themselves are off to start growing for next year’s spectacle. With the amount of spawn visible this year I think we may have to get a 'Mind the Frogs' sign.

But who can identify the species?

Check out this YouTube video from Carolyn Gray

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