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Here are the posts for December 2012
The Civic Stoop Becomes Grosvenor Rocks
Date Published: Tue 4th Dec 2012 Tags: parkart

Today we received an update from Oliver Goodhall from We Made That, the people commission to create the art installation on the Grassy Knoll.

This follows a number of meetings and activities we and others have had with We Made That and it is good to see that the orginal proposal is adapting as their understanding of Tunbridge Wells in general and the park in particular is developing. This process will be continuing through all stages of the project.

Oliver says:

Our proposal; a robust and characterful local stone ‘stoop’ to create opportunities a public meeting spot, has been shaped by our engagement activities to date - and conversation with potential local fabricators. Significantly, we have responded to comments with regards to the name and terminology. We are now referring to the artwork as “Grosvenor Rocks” which will receive “temporary, then carved adornments”. This is influenced by the more organic form and narrative that we have now taken.

I have attached a very concise summary to illustrate our current design proposition which has now been reviewed and approved by TWBC.

You can download that summary as a PDF here.

And, If you want to read previous articles tracing the development of this project you can follow this link to see all tagged articles.

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