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The Civic Stoop Becomes Grosvenor Rocks
Date Published: Tue 4th Dec 2012 Tags: parkart

Today we received an update from Oliver Goodhall from We Made That, the people commission to create the art installation on the Grassy Knoll.

This follows a number of meetings and activities we and others have had with We Made That and it is good to see that the orginal proposal is adapting as their understanding of Tunbridge Wells in general and the park in particular is developing. This process will be continuing through all stages of the project.

Oliver says:

Our proposal; a robust and characterful local stone ‘stoop’ to create opportunities a public meeting spot, has been shaped by our engagement activities to date - and conversation with potential local fabricators. Significantly, we have responded to comments with regards to the name and terminology. We are now referring to the artwork as “Grosvenor Rocks” which will receive “temporary, then carved adornments”. This is influenced by the more organic form and narrative that we have now taken.

I have attached a very concise summary to illustrate our current design proposition which has now been reviewed and approved by TWBC.

You can download that summary as a PDF here.

And, If you want to read previous articles tracing the development of this project you can follow this link to see all tagged articles.

The Big Draw: Community Carving
Date Published: Mon 29th Oct 2012 Tags: parkart

On Saturday the creators of the Civic Stop, the art installation to be installed at the grassy knoll at the entrance to Grosvenor park, came along to the Big Draw. The Big Draw is a community event organised by CREATE to encourage children and their families to get involved creating art.

For Oliver and Holly, of We Made That, this was another chance to get to understand Tunbridge Wells a little more and for the prople who live near the proposed art work to contribute to the development process.

An important element of the Civic stop is the carvings that will be made on the sandstone steps so what better way than to have a community Carving event, albeit on board rather than sandstone. But as you will see from these pictures it resulted in some interesting results.


The Grassy Knoll: Decision Time
Author: Dave Barnett, Date Published: Mon 3rd Sep 2012 Tags: parkart

We are pleased to note that "We Made That" are to be commissioned to develop their proposed art work "Civic Stop". Polly Harknett, Cultural Projects Manager, Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery, said:

We Made That is an architecture and design studio established in 2006 and have proposed the installation of a ‘civic stop’ onto the grassy knoll site. They propose a community-based commission that will happen in several stages. The design process will start in September and involve working with the Friends of Grosvenor & Hilbert Park. The artwork will be created in two stages. Firstly, We Made That will source local stone and create a sculpture that leads skywards. Secondly they will organise a community event when people can come and work with them to create designs for carving into the sculpture. The resulting piece will encourage people to stop, look at their surroundings and chat.

The Grassy Knoll is an important entrance to the Grosvenor & Hilbert Park and we, the friends and users of the Park, are very pleased that it is to be marked with what will be one of relatively few major art pieces within Tunbridge Wells. This, together with the mural by the Overspray Studio recently added to the Upper Grosvenor Road footbridge, means that Grosvenor & Hilbert is fast becoming the place for community art in Tunbridge Wells. We welcome this.

We particularly like the "Civic Stop" as it relies on community involvement. We fully intend to play our part in this while working with the wider community. What form this takes is yet to be decided but you can be sure this will be fully documented on our website and through social media. The next few years will be an exciting time for the park, if you want to have a say in how the park develops then please contact us.

The Friends of Grosvenor & Hilbert Park was created in 2011 to support the bid for Lottery Funding and has since been instrumental in raising the profile of the park within the town.

An Update on Art in the Public Realm Project
Author: Dave Barnett, Date Published: Tue 17th Jan 2012 Tags: parkart

More news from the Art project.

The 3 shortlisted proposal for the art piece to be situated on the 'Grassy Knoll' have been published on the TWBC website. Go and have a look at the details.

The three are:

  • Water Column by Richard Perry
  • Vessel by Tony Stallard
  • Civic Stop by We Made That

Make sure you tell TWBC what you think or join the conversation on Facebook.

Art in the Public Realm
Author: Dave Barnett, Date Published: Mon 14th Nov 2011 Tags: parkart

We have received an update on the Art in the Public Realm Project today.

Susie Plumb, who is co-coordinator of the project says:

We have received 45 expressions of interest from artists and designers for these commissions which was very exciting and also slightly overwhelming! We have been shortlisting today and will have the final artists that we would like to work up ideas tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. We are hoping to be able to ask 2 or 3 artists to work up their ideas further in order to be able to consult with the public in Jan/Feb. It would be really great to be able to work with you on the public consultation.

We are also hoping that you might like to work with the selected artist from February in the development of their ideas. The commission involves working with a community group in taking their work forward through engagement.

So good news, plenty of ideas and an intention to consult with the public through the Friends group.

If you are not familiar with this project then have a look at the orignal briefing document.

Art in the Public Realm
Author: Dave Barnett, Date Published: Wed 19th Oct 2011 Tags: parkart

TWBC are commissioning some major art works for the Cycle Path running through the park. We have been identified as a community contact for one of the pieces. If you're interested in getting involved (or creating the work) then you can see the briefing document here.

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