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Friends of Grosvenor & Hilbert Park

Making Wild Garlic Pesto

Last year I went foraging for the first time and found a plentiful supply of Wild Garlic (or Ramsom) under my nose in Grosvenor Park and turned it into a passable pesto. It's rather pungent and has a tendancy to smell out the house but it's not bad for a light pasta lunch.

So first gather your Wild Garlic. Pick the leaves carefully, you don't need to disturb the roots.

Wild Garlic in Folly Shaw

Wash it...

Collect the rest of the ingredients. Th simplest recipie I have found is 80g of wild garlic, 50g of pine-nuts, 50g of parmesan cheese, 100ml of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Which looks a bit like this...

 The ingredients

Simply blend it and store it ready to use whenever you like. It should last a while...

Hey Pesto

Nice! But why not experiment, there are loads of recipies on the Internet, and tell us how you got on. 


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