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Friends of Grosvenor & Hilbert Park

FoGH Watch

FoGH Watch is a seasonal poster highlighting some things to look out for in the park. You can download a copy here or you can just read it in the park.



Download the December/January issue or just read the text below:

The most famous Christmas bird (apart from the turkey) is the robin. At this time of year it is easy to spot their bright red breasts amongst the trees. You can also hear the robin's song, as both males and females establish their territories by singing from strategic trees. If you stop to listen you may hear them answer each other.

As winter sets in migrant birds travel to Britain to seek shelter from the colder climate of Europe. This is a good time to look for mistle thrushes, redwings and fieldfares as they join their resident cousins the song thrush. Watch these birds gather in flocks on holly and rowan trees as they feast on their red berries. It can be hard to tell these birds apart as they look very similar, but a redwing has a bolder white eye stripe and a red underwing which is more visible in flight, and mistle thrushes and fieldfares are a bit bigger than our common song thrush.

If there is a specially mild spell you might see a large bumblebee looking for nectar. This will be a new queen who will venture out from her hibernation to top up her food reserves from winter plants before retreating back to shelter from colder weather. She will eventually be ready to start a new colony of bumblebees in the spring when the weather is warmer and there are more flowers to sustain her new brood.

If you want an unusual sight, head to the old Lake one evening to see the Moorhens leave the water to roost in the trees on the island. They often do this as it's safer from predators up in the trees; as if being on an island wasn't safe from foxes anyway...


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