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Friends of Grosvenor & Hilbert Park

Children's Activity: Leaves

Leaves are falling everywhere. Here are some trees that are found in the Park. Oak, hawthorn, hornbeam, birch, hazel, ash, horse chestnut, rowan, and alder.

Can you match the leaves to the tree?

Hawthorn Ash Hazel Oak Alder
Silver Birch Horse Chesnut Rowan Hornbeam

Have a walk in the Park: can you find the tree that go with the leaf?

Find some leaves, make a collage and share your photos with us on www.facebook.com/GrosvenorHilbert or email to comp@fogh.org.uk

Roll over each picture to see the names.

And here's another question. Some of the trees in the park are 500 years old, which ones do you think might be this old?



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