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Friends of Grosvenor & Hilbert Park

The Auckland Road Ghosts

Thanks to Christopher Cassidy, friend of Grosvenor & Hilbert Park and author of the anke blog, for this extract from a book titled "Ghosts of Tunbridge Wells" by Andrew Green that he came across recently.

An awe inspiring sight must be that of the phantom coach and horses which used to be seen careering down Auckland Road towards the Grosvenor Recreation Ground adjoining the railway. Nothing is known to account for this particular haunting, though some claim that it is the ghostly relic of a party held in 'Charity Farm' in the 1800's. It is believe that the driver of the vehicle lost control of the horses and they bolted, crashing the coach and killing the occupants.

Coach and Horses

Anyone know this story or more importantly can anyone add to it or perhaps even more importantly has anyone seen it ...


2 comments have been received for this page.

Comment from Sarah Webster on 4 Jun 2012

A few years ago my sister claimed to see a horse and carriage being driven at great speed through the allotments, just past the the boys changing rooms in Hilbert rec. She always sees odd things so we didn't disbelieve her as she was so matter of fact about it and told us like it was normal! I would imagine that if it is the same ghost then it must have carried on through the park and up to Hilbert before crashing. It would be really interesting to find out where the accident happened. She also saw a ball floating at the same time to which I suggested it could be an orb, which are quite a common sight where ghosts are apparently present but she said she'd seen loads of orbs and it was definitely a ball!! Maybe there's a footballer still lurking on the football pitches too!

Comment from oddlyactive on 6 Mar 2012

I don't know about Auckland Road, but I lived just around the corner in a flat above the Albion Road launderette for several years, and I had the scariest back passage you can imagine. That's not a euphamism, BTW, it was seriously hair-on-the-back-of-the-neck-stand-up SPOOKY...   

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